Video Training Center

The VSA supports producers regardless of their practice specialty, distribution channel or career stage; consequently, it is, of necessity, a very broad product. It is in essence a huge interactive library. This Video Training Center is designed to help you quickly identify the areas of the VSA that will be of most potential benefit to you.  It contains a series of brief audio/visuals that can be viewed in any order.  Just select the area that will be of most benefit to you and your practice. We do, however, suggest you start with the Introductions. Please note that we are constantly improving the VSA, so some of our A/Vs may not reflect our most current content and/or our latest "look and feel."

Introduction Videos
  Brief Overview (3:59)
  Not So Brief Video (9:30 minutes)
E-Marketing Videos (Absolutely Must "Sees")
  * Pre-Approach E-Mails (6:10)
  * Newsletters and Wave Marketing (5:54)
  * Constant Client Contact (4:40)
  * Electronic Priority Approach (6:20)
  * Tablet Technique Apps (4:55)

Prospecting and Approach
  Your Website (9:28)
  * Traditional Priority Approach (6:45)
  * Electronic Priority Approach (6:20)
  Referred Lead Generator (2:42)
  Target Market Lead Generator (3:12)
   * Newsletters/Wave Marketing (5:54)
  * Tri-Fold Brochures (2:37)
  * Pre-Approach E-Mails (6:10)
Calculators and Presentations
  Fact Finders (5:34)
  Client Presentations (5:19)
  Concept Pages (4:49)
  Calculators (5:13)
  * PowerPoint Presentations (5:06)
  Concept Book (3:22)
  Financial Snapshots (12:30)
Business Organization
  Book on Building a Practice (2:45)
  Annual Planning Calendar
Motivational and Other Support
  Articles and Quotes (2:06)
  Sales Ideas (1:41)
  Virtual Advisor (1:40)
Client Building
  Annual Reviews (5:27)
  Financial Workbook Worksheets (5:55)
  Client Newsletters (8:45)
  Life Guides (3:09)
  * Constant Client Contact (4:40)
Advanced Markets/Reference Material
  Tools and Techniques Books (1:47)
  Tax Information (2:55)
  Specimen Documents (2:13)
  Resource Center (1:31)
  Virtual Underwriter (2:10)
  CE Courses
FINRA Resources
  Investor Information
  Life Events & Financial Decisions

* - New Presentations Are in Italics