Financial Snapshots

The Virtual Assistant's new Financial Snapshots are not an attempt to do things differently, but INSTEAD USE SOME NEW TECHNOLOGY TO ALLOW YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS TO DO A FINANCIAL ANALYSIS QUICKLY, EASILY AND ACCURATELY. Gone are all the charts, graphs, pictures, etc., and in their place are simple Adobe "fillable" forms. NOTE: You and/or your clients must have Adobe Reader version 8 or higher. It is free and can be downloaded at

The best way to evaluate these Snapshots is to play some "what if's" using the working sample of a Complete Financial Snapshot. Please check it out. In the complete product, you have a choice of a single needs snapshot (death, college savings, disability, retirement and/or long-term care) or a complete needs snapshot.

Use the Financial Snapshots as you would any other financial needs calculators, but here are some suggested uses:

  1. COMPLETE FOR YOUR CLIENT. This is the traditional approach to using any needs analysis. You conduct a fact finding interview, enter the information collected, print the results and conduct a second interview to show the results and your proposed solution.
  2. COMPLETE WITH YOUR CLIENT. The Snapshots are so easy to use, you can partiality complete the analysis prior to meeting with your client. Then fill in the specifics together in your office or on a laptop.
  3. GIVE OR SEND TO YOUR CLIENT FOR THEM TO COMPLETE. Yep, they are that simple!
Other suggestions:
  • Save lots of typing time by "copying and pasting" your contact information and any needed disclosure/disclaimer information from your VSA Website into the Snapshot's cover page.
  • When saving a Snapshot, always save the file using client name and date like this "RobertJones-10-15-2010." This will help you and your client stay organized for future updates.
  • When moving from field to field, use the tab forward or back on your keyboard. Much easier than using your mouse!
  • Try moving from page to page using the thumbnail images option. To activate the thumbnail images, click the second icon over on the left side of the Adobe Reader window (an icon of two pieces of paper).
  • You can e-mail Snapshots to clients, but you can also deliver them personally on a CDROM or thumb drive.
  • The Snapshots are designed for use with an individual. If you are working with a couple, you will need to use a Snapshot for each person. Hint: If you are doing a Complete Snapshot, use only single need Snapshots for the need indicated...usually just death, disability or LTC.