Fact Finders

The Virtual Assistant has Fact Finders for "virtually" all markets...from basic to very detailed. The Fact Finders are traditional Adobe Acrobat PDF forms, meaning that the forms are personalized with your name and contact information and are designed to be completed "by hand," or "fillable" Adobe Acrobat PDF, meaning information entered into the forms on your computer can be saved and updated later. Here is the list of Fact Finders available:



Interview Fact Finders:
Personal Needs:
  • Confidential Personal Planning Questionnaire (abbreviated)
  • Confidential Personal Planning Profile (detailed)
  • Disability Income Needs
  • Financial and Personal Resources Review (for LTC)
  • Authorization to Provide Employee Benefit Information (more structured; requests more detail)
  • Authorization to Provide Employee Benefit Information (uses a menu approach)
Estate Planning:
  • Confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire (abbreviated fact finder)
  • Confidential Estate Planning Profile (detailed fact finder)
  • Estate Planning Fact Finder
  • Questionnaire Concerning a Son or Daughter with a Disability
Business Needs:
  • Confidential Business Planning Questionnaire (abbreviated fact finder)
  • Confidential Business Planning Profile (detailed fact finder)
  • Menu of Services ("hot button" areas of possible interest with a suggested sales track)
  • Current Coverages and Business Data (multipurpose business fact finder)
  • Confidential Transfer-of-Ownership Analysis (buy-sell fact finder)
  • Employee Benefits Survey
  • Key Employee Fact Finder (fact and feeling-finding questions)
  • Confidential Financial Planning Questionnaire(includes sections for personal data, insurance and benefits, estate planning information, investments and business interests)
  • Comprehensive Fact Finder
  • Budget Organizer