Your Website

We believe that all advisors should have a home page. Recognizing that many of the home page programs available to advisors are expensive and/or difficult to maintain, your VSA includes a section that can be used as your personal home page or as a link from your current home page.

See a working sample at

We can only provide you with the domain name of However, you can purchase a domain more descriptive of you and/or your firm for around $10 - $12 per year. Just go to to obtain and/or transfer a unique business domain for your VSA Website. When purchasing, simply search for a name suitable for your business and keep in mind that you have options. For example, is already taken but is not; is also taken, but is available. Once you have purchased or transferred your domain name, you will need to "domain forward with masking" your new domain to your VSA website.

Already have a Website? No problem. You are welcome to link to any or all the content on the The Virtual Assistant Website.