Endorsements by the dozens!! Here is why 10,000 financial advisors are using the VSA!!

VSA user testimonials

VSA is an integral and important part of my practice because of the extremely comprehensive nature of the material. It seems that whatever I need for a client I can find on VSA. The best value for an agent/broker in the industry.Thanks!

by Bob W

Bill, thanks for your e-mail info on When A Loved One Dies. I am a current VSA subscriber and an insurance agent and I recently received my regular monthly virtual assistant e-mail with your sales idea. All agents who subscribe to VSA need to utilize the virtual assistant tools more often. Thanks again.

by Jim Huff.

The Virtual Sales Assistant is the perfect tool for new agents, as well as seasoned professionals. All aspects of the sales process are covered in the library. Where else can you find a tool that will give you fact-finders, presentations, prospecting tools, lead generators, reference information, your own website, and client newsletters at one low cost? Subscribing to the service is a no brainer!

by Suzanna Powell

"Thanks, Bill. I find your website indispensable."

by Lee F.

Thank you! You have a really great program here! I am really impressed with the breath and depth of this program! And you've got it priced affordably! I was a Backroom Technician user but the cost was getting prohibitive. I feel that VSA is better in many ways! Thanks again!

by Anonymus

"Thanks. You have a great program!."

by Bill W CLU, ChFC, CSA

BGAs, IMOs, GAs, managers and home office testimonials

Bill, the VSA becomes better with every addition. We use the VSA in most of our sales as well as our education program. If we have a class on annuities the agent has to complete the CE on Line and bring to class along with sales ideas.

We do not have to waste time on the basics, just review. We promote the VSA at all our meetings, both general and annual, at (company).

As a reference source the VSA has saved me at least $5,000 a year and it is always kept current, by updates. Thanks Bill. Regards,

by Bob T.

Bill, As you know I have been using VSA since the very beginning of its existence. I thought so much of it that I had our company pay 100% of the expense for all of our agents at the very start of the program.

Now that I am back in the field our agency uses the VSA program extensively. It provides an easy to use professional support for our agents to serve the needs of their clients. It gives us an educational tool like none other in the industry.

I do not know what we would do without The Virtual Assistant.

I thank you for your dedicated desire to make this the very best tool for the professional insurance and financial services industry.

by Bob F.

Bill, The VSA has been a tremendous tool to us as an Independent Marketing Organization. It has put all the resources that an agent would typically need right at our finger tips and provided us with even greater credibility with the producers who partner with us.

At XXXX Brokerage, we realize that agents look to us for much more than simply good products and service - they can get that through a lot of organizations. They want us to help them get a competitive advantage beyond that, and the VSA has been the perfect tool in helping us do that.

by Doug M. CLU, ChFC, MSM

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