Client Newsletters: Everyone agrees that consistent contact is vital to client building. Many agents use annual reviews, birthday contacts, Christmas cards, etc., but one of the most effective is periodic newsletters. The VSA makes it easy for you to quickly send quality print or e-mail based newsletters to your clients.

Wave Marketing: The purpose of “wave marketing” is similar to that of client newsletters…to provide consistent contact with suspects and potential clients so they will be familiar with you and your services before you make an actual approach. Information is sent periodically to individuals who are likely to need your services, now or in the future. Fortunately, similar content can be used with both client newsletters and wave marketing.

The VSA Client Newsletters are personalized with your name, contact information and a brief description about your firm. If you choose, a personal picture can also appear on the newsletter. The newsletters are available in two formats:

Business Briefs: Intended for use with your clients and prospects who are small business owners.

Financial Facts: All-purpose newsletters designed to benefit all clients and prospects.

Estate Ideas: Designed to educate clients and prospects who may be in need of estate and/or charitable planning services.

Retirement Readings: Intended for clients and prospects who are approaching retirement or are already retired.