FINRA Resources

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is dedicated to investor protection and believes that protection begins with education. As a result, the FINRA website is full of wonderful information for advisors and the public.

The investor information on the FINRA Website is provided for public access and intended as a resource for individual retail investors. In addition to using this resource yourself, you can send clients in need of investment information to the FINRA Website. As a guide to help you use the FINRA site, here are links to sections of the Investor Information area that might be most helpful to you and your clients.

Market Data
Company Information
Equities and Options
Mutual Funds

Tools & Calculators
Retirement Calculator
College Savings Calculator
Loan Calculator
Savings Calculator
Minimum Required Distribution
Smart Bond Investing

Smart Investing
Smart Bond Investing
Smart 401(k) Investing
Smart Saving for College

Investment Choices
College Savings Plans
Investor Brochure Series
Investor News Newsletter
Investor Related Links
Mutual Funds


FINRA also links to, which is a great site created and maintained by the National Endowment for Financial Education. The most valuable part of the site is the Life Events & Financial Decisions section. While it is almost self-explanatory, this outline might help you get directly to the information you need.

Major Life Events
Moving in with a Partner
Having Children
Buying a House

Retirement Planning
Death and Dying
Health & Family Support
Health Insurance
Aging Parents
Death of a Relative
Wills and Estates

Major Purchases
Buying a Home
Buying a New Car
Buying a Used Car
Car Leasing
Big Ticket Items

Natural Disasters
Emergency Preparedness
Identity Theft

Education & Career
Jobs and Benefits
Planning for College
Military Careers

Starting Off Right
All About Credit
Saving Strategies
Income Taxes