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The PPR in a Nutshell
Introduction to Client Action & Acquisition 
In essence, the Priority Planning Review (PPR) is a simple fact finder designed to be completed not by the agent, but by the client. The Virtual Assistant provides you with PPRs for the personal, retirement, and business markets. You will want to take time to review all these "Training Only" editions, but for now please print out the Personal Priority Planning Review (without P&C insurance). What follows is a condensed explanation of the PPR.  A video is located at Traditional Priority Approach (6:45 minutes). Click here if you want additional PPR details, including "Red Letter Language."

1.   Complete or have your assistant complete the Personal Information section prior to giving the PPR to a customer.  This is not necessary in the "Tri-Fold" editions.

 2.    Give the PPR to your customer/prospect and say something like this:

"I've found that the best way for me to show you the kind of work we do is by using this Priority Planning Review.  The questions will tell you what else we do and the answers will let us know if I can be of further help.  It should take you just five minutes or so to complete."

3.    Hand the PPR to your customer/prospect and let him/her complete it.  Don't do it yourself!  In fact, it is better if you leave the room...make a phone call or talk to others in the building.

4.    Collect the completed PPR and, depending upon your financial service confidence, either review the PPR right then, or tell the customer/prospect you will review it later and call if there are any other services you can provide.

5.    Review the PPR, paying particular attention to the Current Priorities section.  If the "timing" is right, the customer/prospect will tell you by checking off his/her current interests.  If your customer/prospect is a business owner, be sure to review the Business Owners Only section.

6.    Call or tell your prospect:

"I see you indicated that ways to protect your family's lifestyle (or retirement planning, etc.) is a current priority.  Would you like for me to prepare a proposal (or set a follow-up appointment, etc.)?"

If the customer/prospect says yes, you now have 75% of the Client Acquisition process behind you.

Preparing the Proposal

The last step requires "knowledge" and you have at least two choices. 

First, call in an expert...a financial services professional in your agency or community who specializes in your prospect's area of interest.  Knowledge costs, so split the business if necessary.

Your second choice is to do it yourself.  A wise man once said, "I may not know all the answers, but I do know where to go to find them."   One good source of help is The Virtual Assistant (VSA). You can use any one of the 100's of VSA personal, retirement, business or estate and charitable planning presentations and calculators. They are all comprehensive and complete and, most important, already prepared for you!

Click here for "Training-Only" Client Presentations. Everything (and perhaps a lot more!) that you need is inside the VSA, but don't let it overwhelm you.  Just use what you need in order to make a specific sale.
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