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An Overview Client Action & Acquisition Systems
Introduction to Client Action & Acquisition 
Much is said and written about "Client Action & Acquisition" by advisors and agents. In fact, maybe too much is said and written, because the real truth is that it is just not that difficult to do.

In essence, you only need six systems in order to be effective:
  1. Prospecting System
  2. Inventory Control System
  3. Approach System
  4. Presentation System
  5. Client Building System
  6. Business Control System
We will concentrate on the Approach System as the most important in Client Action & Acquisition.

The Processes

Most successful financial services professionals have sophisticated prospecting systems for both new prospects and current clients. Arguably, the most important part of these systems is "timing"...being there when the prospect and/or client is ready to purchase.  What follows is the abbreviated course...

The question then becomes how do you know what they need?  The answer is easy -- just ask them! The Virtual Assistant has developed the two specific approaches that make it very easy!

    1.  The Priority Planning Approach (Click for details)

    2.  The E-Mail Single-Needs Approach (Click for details)
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