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  • Website


    We believe that all advisors should have a website, so a VSA subscription includes the option for your own personal website.... at no additional cost!

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  • Newsletters


    Everyone agrees that consistent contact is vital to client building and the VSA makes it easy for you to quickly send quality print or e-mail based newsletters to your clients.

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  • Fact Finders

    Fact Finders

    The VSA provides fact finders for virtually all markets…about 40 of them in total for business, estate, personal and disability planning, as well as questionnaires designed for annual planning reviews.

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  • Presentations


    There are 80 Powerpoint presentations that can be saved to your computer. Seminars can be conducted and interviews can be held without being tied to the Internet. Handouts for all the presentations are also provided.

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  • Concepts


    Hundreds of 'one pagers' that can be used to illustrate concepts, provide technical information or supplement a complete client presentation.

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  • Calculators


    Over 100 needs analysis and financial calculators available to analyze clients' needs and assist in developing recommended solutions.

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  • Financial Snapshots

    Financial Snapshots

    Like photographic snapshots, the Financial Snapshots produce a picture of an instant in time that can be saved and updated to reflect your clients' changing needs and objectives.

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  • Priority Approaches

    Priority Planning Approaches

    The simplest and most effective approach concept in the industry... great for cross selling in any market and for increasing your sales to seniors and business owners.

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  • Life Guides

    Life Guides

    Some Life Guides are event specific, such as marriage, moving, death, divorce, retirement and inheritance. Other Life Guides are more general in nature, such as teaching kids about money, general finances, emergency planning and business continuation and protection planning.

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  • Reference


    Includes the complete Tools & Techniques series, a large number of specimen documents, answers to frequently-asked tax questions and access to underwriting insight.

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The Virtual Assistant provides unlimited access to a complete library of financial tools and support materials. It supports producers regardless of their practice specialty, distribution channel or career stage; consequently, it is, of necessity, a very broad product. It is in essence a huge interactive library and, like a library, you will never use all the "books." The Quick Guide below is designed to help you quickly identify the areas of the VSA that will be of most potential benefit to you. Simply roll your cursor over the topic for a brief "pop-up" overview of the content and/or click for additional information on the content in that section.

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The Virtual Assistant

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Testimonial: I use VSA documents in everyday prospecting and information for me, my agents and my clients. It makes it easier for me to express my professionalism because I don't have to worry about the information ever being out of date! by Rob Wolford, LUTCF, FSS